Allow me to introduce you to the horse racing betting tool that has enabled me to make a profit of over 2,000 points since 2012.

If you're reading this then, like me, you probably like to have a bet on the horse racing.

I've been betting on horse racing for over 20 years but it was always a bit of fun - the odd fiver or tenner here and there. I had no idea whether I was in profit or loss (almost certainly the latter!) let alone by how much but it didn't matter, it was only a bit of fun.

However, a few years ago, I began to ask whether it would be possible to actually make a solid income from betting on the horses so I got serious about it.

I set myself up with a spreadsheet and I joined a Horse Racing Discussion Board to take advantage of the tips and advice offered by those whose knowledge of horse racing was greater than my own.

Every morning, I would enter the bets into my spreadsheet - no mean feat as some of the "systems" I was following could have in excess of forty selections on some days.

Then, at the end of the day, I would go back through my spreadsheet and update it with the results of the day.

After a couple of months of this, I was finding the data entry not only very boring but incredibly time-consuming and I was no closer to achieving the goal of "solid income" that I'd set out with as several of the systems were actually unprofitable once you started keeping detailed records.

"There must be a better way of doing this", I thought to myself.

So... I began to write a little program which would enable me to enter the selections into a database far more quickly. The program would then perform all the necessary calculations and produce some kind of meaningful output.

Anyway, whilst following these Systems, I started to notice little things such as the system which was showing a loss of handicaps but a tidy profit for non-handicaps, the system which was showing a profit in lower class races but a loss in the higher classes.

I began to enter the details of not only the horses but the races they were running in and what is now the Horse Racing System Checker (HRSC) really started to take shape.

Armed with this improved knowledge of where the systems were unprofitable, I was able to eliminate a lot of selections which were unlikely to win. I was able to really hone in on the profitable areas and my betting bank balance has steadily increased ever since.

HRSC makes it easy to filter your selections quickly and easily.

I showed HRSC to some of the people on the discussion forum whose systems I was monitoring and they asked me if I could set them up with something similar.

That was towards the back end of 2012 and I'm delighted to say that all of those original users continue to use, and benefit from, HRSC to this very day.

It's also worth mentioning that a lot of the things HRSC does came about from suggestions and requests from the people who use it. It really is a piece of software made by horse racing betting enthusiasts for horse racing betting enthusiasts and there's rarely a month goes by when one user will say something like, "It would be good if HRSC could do this..." and I've always done my utmost to implement any such suggestions as HRSC continually evolves and improves.

So What Is HRSC and What Does It Do?

Basically, HRSC provides you with a quick and easy way to keep track of the horse racing systems and/or tipsters you are already following (it can also assist you to create new systems - more on this later).

Every day, you are presented with very basic "racecards". You simply select the System you wish to enter selections for and then click the horse's names - HRSC does the rest.

As the day progresses, the results and prices of your selections are entered into the database automatically so that at the end of the day, you simply click a link and you're shown how things went that day.

Over time, this develops into an extensive body of data which can be analysed quickly and easily in order to really hone in on those profitable angles.

And There's More...

Behind every "click" on a horse's name, HRSC automatically enters data about that horse's gender, age, weight, jockey, trainer etc etc. It also enters details about the race such as number of runners, handicap or non-handicap, the Class of the race, the racecourse etc etc.

All of this then allows you to perform in-depth analysis of every one of your bets in each system.

HRSC really does make it very easy to see where your profits are coming from...

For example, do you want to know how your selections perform in Class 1 races of less than 10 runners when the Betfair Starting Price is greater or equal to 2.00?

A few clicks of your mouse will bring up a detailed report of that which includes not only the profit/loss figure but also the Return on Investment, the Maximum Drawdown, Losing, Winning and Potential Losing Runs, an ARCHIE score and even Monthly Breakdowns. A bit like this...

Get detailed breakdowns of your systems

If you find a certain subset of parameters that you think are worth keeping tabs on independently of the main system as a whole then you can "save" these parameters as a "Preset" and, at the click of a button, be shown the state of play with those parameters at any time.

Can HRSC Help Me To Create Systems?

Yes, it can! In fact, the breakdown shown above comes from a system which was created solely using HRSC.

This is all available in what is called "The System Creator" which allows you to play with the data of every horse which has ran in every UK & Irish race since 1st January 2012 so that you can check profit/loss (plus all the other information) for any number of variables.

If you find something that you wish to monitor as a system, you can port it over to your System Area with the click of a couple of buttons and continue to add to it on a daily basis.

Add to this the wealth of Trainer & Jockey Stats which are exclusive to HRSC Members and I'm confident that you'll be creating your own profitable betting angles in no time.

A small example of the Stats available to HRSC Members.

And Even More...

In addition to all this, HRSC also contains a fully-functioned Dobbing Area so that, if this is an area that interests you, you can see how your systems perform when "DOBbed". (For those who don't know, DOBbing stands for "Double Or Bust" and is basically when you back a selection before the off and then lay it in-running at a lower price so that, in theory, you can't lose.)

There's also a Notes & Diary Area where you can leave notes for yourself about your Systems and set up Diary Entries which HRSC will remind you of via email the evening before.

If you've been keeping records of your bets in a spreadsheet up until now, you can also upload those as a CSV file straight into your HRSC account (full instructions given about this facility when you subscribe).

In Summary

If you've been keeping all of your horse racing betting records in a spreadsheet until now (or, even worse, keeping no records at all! :-) ) then I'm confident that you're going to love HRSC and it will become an indispensible weapon in your betting armoury.

You will find that not only does it point you towards more profitable betting angles, it will also save you enormous amounts of time. No more tedious entering of data - simply click a few buttons and go and do something more interesting with your time!

So How Much Does It Cost?

Full HRSC Membership and access to all of this costs just 8.99 per month.

I'm so confident that once you try HRSC that you will want to continue to use it that I'm even offering a full money back guarantee.

If you're not happy with what HRSC has to offer then simply cancel your subscription at any time during your first month and I will refund your first month subscription fee of 8.99 in full, immediately and without question or quibble.

Remember: If HRSC doesn't meet your expectations, simply cancel your subscription at any time during your first month for a full, no-questions-asked refund of your first month's subscription.